Can OKU candidates apply?2021-12-20T07:30:26+08:00


Only the following disabilities are eligible for consideration:

  1. tool deaf,
  2. one -eyed blind
  3. stutter
  4. dwarf
  5. leg disability
  6. nasal
  7. myopia using a special lens
  8. hand disability
  9. color blind
  10. other disabilities


How long is the study period of the USIM Tamhidi Program?2021-12-20T07:48:20+08:00
The study period of the Tamhidi Program is for one (1) year and is divided into two (2) semesters. The total is 52 weeks.


What are the study programs offered at USIM Tamhidi Centre?2021-12-20T08:06:12+08:00

a. Tamhidi Perubatan, Pergigian dan Sains 

b. Tamhidi Sains Fizikal dan Teknologi 

c. Tamhidi Syariah dan Undang-Undang 

d. Tamhidi Perakaunan dan Muamalat 


What is the teaching medium at USIM Tamhidi Centre?2021-12-20T08:07:35+08:00
The Tamhidi Center uses English and Arabic for PdP sessions.
What are the requirements to pass the USIM Tamhidi Program?2021-12-20T07:45:54+08:00
Students are only eligible to be certified to pass the USIM Tamhidi Program after the following conditions are met:

a. obtain a CGPA of not less than 2.00;

b. pass in all prescribed subjects; and

c. meet other conditions prescribed and approved by the University Senate from time to time.
What degree programs are offered to USIM Tamhidi Program graduates?2021-12-20T07:54:18+08:00
19 programs at USIM offered according to the programs and conditions set

Please refer to


What facilities are provided to USIM Tamhidi students?2021-12-20T07:58:11+08:00
Facilities provided :

a. Library

b. Biology / Physics / Chemistry Laboratory

c. Internet computer lab

d. Lecture hall

e. Hostel

f. Sports facilities

g. Bus Transportation
Where is the accommodation for USIM Tamhidi students?2021-12-20T08:01:07+08:00
All Tamhidi students will be placed at Nilam Court Residential College (KKNC). KKNC is located 13km from USIM and bus service is provided to Tamhidi students
What if I have trouble signing in to Raudhah USIM’s email?2021-12-20T08:02:16+08:00
What are the admission requirements to follow this study?2021-12-20T08:10:26+08:00
All admissions to the Tamhidi Center must meet the General Conditions of the University and the Special Conditions of the Program. The General Conditions of the University are as follows


  1.        Malaysian,  
  2.        Possess Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) / Equivalent with at least FIVE (5) credits including Bahasa Melayu and pass in History from 2013 in SPM examination. 

For Special Program Conditions please refer https://admission.usim.edu.my/tamhidi/ 

What is the difference between the USIM Tamhidi Program and the Matriculation and Foundation Program?2021-12-20T08:13:30+08:00
Tamhidi USIM  Program Matrikulasi  Program Asasi  
It is a basic program offered by
Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
It is a program sponsored by the Ministry of Education Malaysia
It is a program offered by Public Universities, Public and Private Institutes of Higher Learning
Feeder to USIM only. Tamhidi graduates can only continue their undergraduate studies at USIM.
Not affiliated with any university.
According to the conditions set by the university