Tamhidi USIM Programme is a post SPM programme that prepares the candidates for their first year degree study. Tamhidi means “Preparatory”  also known as “Matriculation centre’ in the Ministry of Education Malaysia parallel to the International Islamic University Malaysia,  University of Malaya and “Tahun Asas” in the Universiti of Techology of Malaysia and other pre-university programme (STPM, HSC or ‘A’ Level). Therefore, Tamhidi programme is parallel to the “foundation” or “asasi” programme run by the universities mentioned above. The are 4 programmes offered:

  1. Tamhidi Perubatan, Pergigian dan Sains
  2. Tamhidi Sains Fizikal dan Teknologi
  3. Tamhidi Syariah dan Undang-undang
  4. Tamhidi Perakaunan dan Muamalat

SPM leavers from various religious schools who has relatively good results can be offered a competitive courses such as medicine or food biotechnology as places offered by the local universities are relatively limited.

USIM determines to establish various faculty under the Faculty of Medicine and Health Science, Faculty of Science and Technology, Faculty of Shariah and Law and Faculty of Economy and Muamalat, which can contribute to the progress and needs of the country in this area.

Future professional muslim graduates from USIM, besides having the expertise in the field of Medical, Science and Technology, Engineering, Economy and Muamalat and Syariah and Law are equipped with good Islamic values, understanding and practicing it.