2023 Tamhidi Centre’s Organic Compound Nomenclature Workshop was held on 4th March 2023 (Saturday) located in the Central Lecture Hall 3 on 8:30 a.m to 1:00 p.m. Attendance was as many as 350 students from Tamhidi Medical, Dentistry and Science programme as well as Tamhidi Physical Science and Technology programme; including five chemistry course instructors consisting of Pn. Latipah Mohd Noor, Pn. Siti Rubaini Mat, Hj Afif Arifin, Dr. Nurul Jannah Abd Rahman and Dr. Nadrahtul Huda Misral. Students were given early exposure to IUPAC Nomenclature, a uniform chemical compound terminology method used by scientists all around the world. This will help students understand the curricular contents of Organic Chemistry that they will face after their mid semester exam. Students were seen to give full cooperation and were active in answering the practice and comprehension questions that were given out right after the seminar took place. Students were given a breakfast meal consisting of nasi lemak and black tea which is part of the contribution from Zakat and Waqf Centre USIM.