Tamhidi of Medicine, Dentistry and Science

Programme Code: UQ0421001
Medium of instructions: English
Duration of Studies:
– Full Time: 1 years (2 semesters)

Tamhidi of Medicine, Dentistry and Science aims to provide students from science stream background with high-skilled to be able to enroll into the Bachelor’s degree program particularly in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences & Faculty of Dentistry. The specializations that can be chosen after studying in Tamhidi Centre are such as medicine and surgery, dental surgery, food biotechnology, actuarial science and risk management, security and information assurance, financial mathematics and others accordance with the entry requirements set by the Faculty. Students will not only proficient in science under this programme but it also shapes their personal character, cautious, disciplined, and responsible for the religion, society, and nation parallel with understanding of the integration of Naqli and Aqli knowledge.


Pass with minimum Credit
(Gred C) in following subject:
• Bahasa Arab / Bahasa Arab Tinggi / Bahasa Arab Komunikasi / Al-Lughah al-Arabiah al-Mu’asirah / Turath
Bahasa Arab / Al-Adab Wa Al-Balaghah
Pass with minimum Grade B
in ANY ONE(1) of following Subject:
• Pendidikan Islam / Pendidikan Al-Quran dan As-Sunnah / Pendidikan Syariah Islamiah / Tasawwur Islam / Usul
al-Din / Al-Syariah / Hifz Al Quran
/ Maharat al-Quran / Turath Dirasat Islamiah / Turath Al-Quran dan Al- Sunnah / Manahij Al-‘Ulum Al-Islamiah
Pass with minimum  Grade
B in following subject:
• Physics
• Chemistry
• Biology
• Mathematics
• Bahasa Inggeris
Pass with minimum
Grade C in following subject:
• Additional Mathematics
Calon tidak mempunyai kurang upaya Pendengaran / Penglihatan / Pertuturan / Fizikal / Pembelajaran /
Mental / Pelbagai