On 10 and 17 February 2023, the Tamhidi Center Sports and Recreation Committee organized the Tamhidi E-Sports Battle competition. The purpose of this competition is to make a tournament based on e-games for Playerunknown Battleground (PUBG-Mobile) and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) for students at Tamhidi Center. This competition has had an encouraging participation of 70 students for both games that were contested. In addition, the organizers have also successfully held a live coverage of the PUBG-Mobile match on the Tamhidi Center Facebook website. This competition was won by the Anak Soleh group for the PUBG-Mobile game while the MLBB champion was the Incognito group. The groups that managed to win first place in this tournament will represent the Tamhidi Center and bring USIM’s name to the 2023 Malaysia Foundation Games which will take place at UIA Gambang Campus on 18 March 2023.